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Starting Line, 8 a.m. ET

It’s overcast all day here in New York City, so I decided not to get up at the crack of dawn. It’s 8 a.m. and I am headed out the door. I am leaving my place in the Upper West Side and will begin by running six blocks south to the Reebok building at Columbus and 66th Street and pick off the only statue on the west side of Central Park — the Houston Astros (#1). Then I will board the D train at nearby Columbus Circle, head up to Yankee Stadium, see the Yankee Stadium version (#2), and then start running south from The Bronx to Manhattan.

Here we go. I’m starting the first and only All-Star Statues on Parade 20M Run right now, and I’ll be back here later in the day after running nearly 20 miles to see all 42 of the star-spangled and spectacular 8 1/2-foot replica versions of the great Statue of Liberty. I am dedicating this Fourth of July run to her, the lady out in the New York Harbor, and what she stands for.

Below are some morning shots on my way out of the apartment, and yes I wrote “42” in magic marker on both legs. I’m wearing red, white and blue. I also am wearing an LA Dodgers headband with long flowing twin tails under my cap, made out of a bathrobe from an item at last week’s MLB sample sale.

I have the maps folded in my left pocket, my Canon A540 Powershot holstered into my Nathan’s Fuel Belt, 4 bottles filled with water or Gatorade, just took a salt pack and have more loaded, four extra batteries for the camera, and a folded-up tiny notepad and pen in the back of my belt to take notes and interview people along the way.

Check out all the basic intro info in my previous post, be sure to enter the Statues on Parade Sweepstakes, bid on one of these originals or buy a 9-inch version at the Shop. I look forward to your comments, please say hi if you see me today on the streets of New York City, and have a Happy Fourth of July! Gotta run!


And just for moments like these, here’s my pet dog. I keep this Roy Lichtenstein classic print on my wall, with NYC Marathon (right) and STL Marathon medals hanging from it, to psyche myself up for long runs. GRRRRRRRRRRR!!