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<![CDATA[Mark Newman is in his seventh year with Major League Baseball, currently as Enterprise Editor at MLB Advanced Media. He writes articles regularly for the MLB.com homepage for many fans year-round and is responsible for MLBlogs and maintains the community blog MLBlogosphere. One of his favorite things is seeing new MLBloggers grow their own audiences as all the rules are changing in the profession of journalism and the world of communication — and MLBlogs is a leading force in this revolution of consumer content.

Newman is a Lifetime Honorary member of the Baseball Writers Association of America and a Hall of Fame voter. He has been a beat writer at The Miami Herald (boxing, golf, tennis, polo, NASL, etc), Fort Worth Star-Telegram (Dallas Mavericks/NBA) and San Jose Mercury News (Giants/MLB), and spent most of the 1990s as a writer/editor and later VP/GM at The Sporting News in St. Louis. He founded tsn.com and then co-founded one of the hottest dot-com darlings of the late 1990s, MAX Broadcasting Network.

It has been all about MLB.com this decade, and Newman thinks he has the best job in the world. To be even happier, in December 2006 he quit smoking cold turkey, traded a pair of KOOLS for ASICS, and joined the New York Road Runners. His goal was to run a marathon within the same calendar year, and he did that by finishing the ING New York City Marathon in November 2007. It wasn’t pretty. Plantar fasciitis meant a snail-like finishing time of 6:08, but he lowered it to 5:21 in the April 6 St. Louis Marathon and now is registered in the field for the Nov. 2 ING NYC Marathon with a goal of 4:45.

The Fourth of July week coincides with his official kickoff of 2008 NYC Marathon 18-week training, so Newman decided to combined a “long run” on Independence Day with seeing all 42 of the Statues on Parade masterpieces that were created to celebrate the 79th All-Star Game held on July 15 at Yankee Stadium. Follow along, go search for them yourself if you’re in town, and upload your own pics of statues (they don’t even have to be the ones in New York!) at MLB.com/Statues so you can win two tickets to the Midsummer Classic and the State Farm Home Run Derby.



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